Bringing  together our shops, services and people, together making our Community our new way of life

Share, sell and create our lives together-Offer, access, speak up, speak out, stay connected, stay safe and be part of building the future we wish for and want

Taking responsibility for the world we choose to live in

Local Shopping online

Sign-up and start your online store today

Connect support and care – it takes all of us to make the world we’re in

Online Store Listing

Buy and sell-offer and create – Make a life at home

Connect, Chat, vote and build

More Benefits with our community apps

Highly functional solutions for business

Discover an easy way to manage your business online and be part of a local economy that supports everyone!

Enhanced connections and platforms for people

Stay connected when times are changing.

Stay together during social Distance

Keep shopping local and build our world together

Manage the needs that we can-build resillience in uncertain times

Sustain our culture, care and respect each other and create opportunity for all of us

Build our future together and build the livlihoods we wish for-for us and the generations to come.

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The Organic Network

We offer an App for store management and an app for Local Networking to keep our information private!

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