And hosting services

 Who we are – Where we are 
 – What we do –

Make and create our services together

Health and Wellness

Local Practitioners and community members supporting our resilience and wellness to the challenges that we face.

Community Connections

Local interest groups and people supporting and building our future together and moving towards providing what we need.

Artists and Crafters

Creaters, Makers and Crafters building the world and shaping our future.

Learn and Growth

Teachers and trainers, apprenticeships and learning opportunities. The freedom to explore, expand and build our skills locally.

Music and Celebrations

A place to find and share in our creative endeavours. To build and grow our talents and skills and celebrate in the wonder that we can create together.

Care, food and Support

Care and connections that help and support ourselves and one another. Looking after each other and the place that we live.

"Looking to a future where we share and care. Looking after each other, the place we live and the planet that holds us"


Organic Netwoks: An Expression of Community in Nature

Creating an accessible space to connect with the people, places and service’s that we need in the local area.

Get out, Get involved and create our world together.


If you have any questions, feel free to email me.